DM plant

We Krupashindu Consulting Engineer are leading Manufacturer of DM plant in India, with the experienced of many years, with the help of skilled and technical team Krupashindu Consulting engineer is able to serve an international quality DM plant

Two Bed

DM Plants

We have 2 types of DM plant

 Mixed Bed

 DM Plants 

We even have a range of DM plants with 

1)  Weak Base cation  & Strong Base Cation 
2) Anion exchanger. 
3) Degasification System to get rid of pH physically while not mistreatment chemicals 


The DM plant  Systems have the subsequent Configuration Based on the water report or parameters :

WAC – SAC – WBA – SBA – MB1 – MB2
WAC – SAC – DG – WBA – SBA – MB1 – MB2

DM Plants (Two Bed & Mixed Bed units) are accessible in numerous sizes having cation and ion exchanger unit with two

hundred mm to 2000 mm diameter with either Valve or Multi-Port Valve relying upon the sizes and client demand.
In two Bed DM Plant, strong Acid cation exchanger and powerful Base anion exchanger resin are used for reducing Total Dissolved Solids up to 2 - 5 ppm. to see the treated water quality at the outlet, the conductivity meter is provided. Degasification unit is additionally provided to decrease the load on the ion Unit.
Mixed Bed Units are employed in series with two Bed DM Plant as a polisher unit which might manufacture treated water having conductivity < one mS/cm.
The cation polisher Unit is additionally available to achieve Acidic Water Quality for Specific Applications.


DM Plant produces Treated water having conductivity less than 10 mS/cm (for two Bed) and fewer than one mS/cm with a ph as desired.d.